People: a short poem

People love people hate

People imitate people create

People listen people dictate

People abstain people fornicate

People aggravate people advocate

People are straight people alternate

People incarcerate people liberate

People meditate people elevate

People innervate people instigate

People believe destiny people believe fate

People come early people come late

Especially on London Overground at New Cross Gate

People stagnate people demonstrate

People make birth rate people make death rate

Its people that makes the world great

People stay, people migrate

People in Ghana, people in UK, people in USA, people in Kuwait

But ultimately we’re all people

Who calculate calibrate captivate celebrate compensate concentrate

congregate contemplate correlate

Dependent on our mind state

When the winds of fate

Indicate your turn to debate

Remember to be on the side of love & not hate

Peace ✌🏿

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