What “Things Going Wrong” Can Look Like
Yonatan Zunger

A shockingly ignorant and ahistorical article.

To anyone who thinks, even for a moment, that what’s happening today is similar to the rise of Hitler, I encourage you to go to a few original sources. Read a bit of Mein Kampf or perhaps seek out the Nazi propaganda film ‘The Eternal Jew.”

Identity politics, as expressed in this article, truly is a form of mass hysteria which, ironically, has more in common with Nazism than the people it opposes. Like the Nazis, the true believers of identity politics are motivated by a belief they are victims. They suffer paranoid delusions and are completely open in their hatred and conspiracy theories, only the ‘evil Jews’ have now been replaced by the evil right-wingers and Trump supporters.

Identity politics is not the cure for right-wing racism. It’s just its left-wing mirror image.

I hate to break it to you all, but the sky isn’t falling. Nobody is coming to get you, to round you up, and put you in camps. You’re suffering under a mass delusion and need a serious dose of reality.

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