Three of the Best Ford Mustangs Ever

Speed and cars have always gone together, and every car junkie has their favorite. However, Ford dealers from Utah to the East Coast have been carrying one of the most iconic sports cars for more than 50 years. The Ford Mustang is and has been one of the greatest American sports cars ever produced. Here are a few of its best years.

2016 Mustang GT350

Perhaps one of the best Mustangs sold by Ford dealers in Utah and across the United States is the 2016 GT350. The first thing you would notice about the GT350 is its melding of old-school design with modern innovations. The frame is engineered to be lighter and stiffer, but it also wicks heat from the engine and is very aerodynamic, with even the undercarriage designed to move air more efficiently.

Not only is the design amazing, but its performance isn’t bad either. Although a top speed was not available at the time of this story, it doesn’t have a limiter on it and checks in at nearly 530 hp, which would make it ideal for racing. When you consider that it is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission and adaptive suspension, it is clearly the sports car to beat from Utah to the Gulf Coast.

1993 Mustang SVT Cobra and Cobra R

1993 was the first year that Cobra sub-models appeared at Ford dealers in Utah and across the country. Many car enthusiasts agree that the Cobra R was the beginning of sports cars breaking the high performance barrier. The Cobra’s 5.0-liter V8 engine produced almost 240 hp. The car was also equipped with bigger brakes and custom shocks. There were just over 100 Cobra R cars made, but Ford required that the buyer have a racing license — since the cars were intended for racing, non-essential weight like air conditioning was left behind.

1969 Mustang Boss 302

When the 1969 Boss 302 rolled into Ford dealers, it was a slim and trim coupe that boasted about 209 hp and was mated with a four-speed manual transmission. It was created to largely put down the fight started by other American car manufacturers trying to compete with the Mustang. It featured nicer suspension and brakes than previous Mustangs and was hailed by “Car and Driver” magazine as a smooth ride that all but destroyed the competition.

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