Services And Features Of Corporate Travel Management

A well-recognized travel agent for business can make business travels easier, safer and faster. Corporate Travel Management partnership with a travel agent can bring in cost effectiveness to your business travels. The travel agents through their well-established linkage and experience can provide cutting edge solutions for business travels. This makes them plan and arrange travels for corporates at the lower price than the business itself booking for travel. The travel agents also make sure that travel plans are drafted keeping in mind the 2 important aspects of compliance to your company norms and maximizing savings. In addition, the travel agents ensure the right bookings are done with best services to business covering customized travel to report management of employees travels for later analysis.

Corporate Travel Management services

Tour Operators in India offering corporate travel management offers the following established services –

Customized travel based on business requirements

The business can partner with travel operators on the need basis. This means that when there is a requirement for travel booking the travel agents help is sort. Under this package, no long-term contracts are signed between two parties. The bookings are done based on corporates request and payment is done immediately in most cases.

Contractual long term travel arrangements

Under this package, the travel agents enter into a long term contract or word of commitment. The entire bookings for the company whether it is through air, train or road is managed by the travel agent. This type of engagement is flexible and cancellation fees are charged very minimal.

Complete package for business

This type of package takes care of the complete travel plan from starting point to reaching back to hometown. The travel agent takes care of car bookings for local travel, stay booking at hotels and even meeting rooms.

Features offered by travel operators to corporates

In addition to the set services, the travel agents also offer the following features -

On-site resources — For large companies and corporations where traveling is a major part of business, the travel operators provide onsite resources who takes care of day to day booking. This type of feature offers customization, on-time planning and booking and finally optimization of savings.

Call centre — Almost all the travel operator’s offer 24x7 call centre services. This system enables last minute booking and cancellation based on client needs and preferences.

Very important person service or the VIP service — For business CEOs, Chairman’s or Customers the travel operators offers VIP service. Under this service personal flights or helicopters are booked. This type of service offers personal attention to the highest order to ensure that the travel is comfortable for the most important person for your business.

Report Generation and customization — For the larger business, the travel operators offer data management and ensure that bookings are done with the best effectiveness. This means in cases where cars can be clubbed to employees are done with perfection. This service ensured savings in travel cost to business.

Finally, the travel operators also provide the detailed report on business travels and provide areas where travels can be minimized or reduced.

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