Build something stupid.

As tech professionals we often get stuck in jobs and projects that drag. We feel like nothing is progressing, both within the project itself or in our personal development. Especially when working on larger projects. The heady-highs of the start and the end of the project seem like faint dots on the horizon.

Granting yourself time to work on a side-project is a great way of breaking out of that mindset. It’s not always easy however. You might feel paralized by no-good-ideas-syndrome. You can’t think of any good ideas to build. Everything has been done. Familiar territory I’m sure. But what if instead of building something amazing and useful, you build something stupid?

Stupid projects are great because you don’t have to pour too much thought into them. They’re silly, throwaway projects. Their purpose isn’t to get a million paying users. Their purpose is to have a break from long important projects and to learn.

I recently decided to build a stupid project. The idea didn't come first. The desire to play around with Apple’s new Message App framework came first and the stupid idea came afterwards. Small projects focussed on learning are really valuable to you as a creative or developer. Making those projects stupid takes the weight of responsibility to make something important or useful out of the equation.

So what did I make? Do-a-Song! It’s a ridiculous app that lets you play a bad song on an awkwardly sized piano keyboard, record it along with your voice and send it to a friend. All inside the Messages app! It took a couple of weeks of on-and-off attention to build it and now you can download it!

Will it be successful? More than likely not. But did I learn from it? Yes! A boat load! Now I can confidentally say I know how to build Message apps. 😊

Download Do-a-Song

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