a stark realization

Henry He
Henry He
Jul 6, 2014 · 1 min read

We stood there
The two of us
Toes curled over the boardwalk ledge
Mutual trust
There’s safety in
“you push I’ll
grab your hand
and pull you in with me”

rolling waves
rolling tongues
“roll over”
we told the dog but
all it would do was rub against our calves
and smile
the same way as its owner

and drifting in toward the centre of our pupils
a lone kayaker
fighting the water
amid the sailboats
yacht boats
“hello there!” we wave
he smiled
“you know,
I used to have one of those”

that was when I realized
that kayaks didn’t come in twos (twos)
there’s no room

her hand slipped out from mine
and we looked straight on

    Henry He
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