CastBug : Quickly Make Group Decisions in iMessage on iOS 10

Have you ever tried choosing a restaurant to meet your friends at in a group message? Was it easy and quick? It never happens quickly with my friends. This is an issue that the new app CastBug will help with.

When our team heard that Apple was opening up iMessage to third party developers, we began brain storming ideas. After an hour of group texting, scrolling, and lots of ideas, it dawned upon us: we could make a polling app to enable quick decisions and show real-time results. We would create a solution to a common messaging problem.

CastBug — Collaborative Poll Surveys

As a result, CastBug was born. We wanted to make polls simple and usable. We created pre-made polls asking commonly asked questions, such as where to eat, or what toppings to get on a pizza. All a user has to do is select a common poll and share it with their group. A user can also create custom polls for any situation in just a few easy steps.

With the ability to save previously created polls we can ask questions that come up regularly. We have had many conversations regarding where to get lunch near the office — now it’s as easy as a few taps. It’s quick and easy with real-time updates.

Here’s a quick demo of CastBug showing how to create and customize a pizza topping poll:

For more information, please visit It is a free app on the Apple App Store for iOS 10.