Where does the money come from to buy things in the open market?

And yet, the “curve” of capitalist history is toward ever better economic well-being, lower prices (measured as goods available per hours worked), increased choice as well as availability of goods, lowered infant mortality, and increased life expectancy (even leaving out the babies). There’s ever more “enough.” Even poverty isn’t what it used to be.

I’m proudly not a Progressive, nor am I completely conservative on economic matters. Being a retired baby boomer, I am profoundly under-taxed and wouldn’t oppose increases (or indexing of Social Security income, for that matter) for any number of well-articulated policies (but try getting that past AARP!).

One thing I am is intransigent toward is posts like the one that began this discussion that want to screw the economy in the interest of poorly-articulated goals, some of which I consider to be basically bogus, and all of which come from the talking points of a single political elite.

All that said, I really do appreciate your sharing your ideas with me.

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