Toward A Science of Intentional Change
Joe Brewer

How can I respond to this without using as many words as the writer? When people (usually administrators) say they want to have “intentional” change of any kind, what they mean is ”how can we get people to think and act in ways we want?” I’m sorry to be blunt, but I’ve been around and that is a fact. Since World War II it has usually meant to move people more to the liking of the Left. The author wants to “change the trajectory” of the world, to change culture, ostensibly because the litany of problems he lists will otherwise be insurmountable. I contest the seriousness of most of those problems, but here I will address only his general desire to bend all those cultures.

This is obviously not going to happen via a huge town meeting where we all discuss what we want and vote on it. It will happen via politics, bureaucracies, rewards, and punishments. What comes to mind? (1) Brave new world. (2) Indoctrination. (3) Big brother. (4) Thought reform [AKA ‘brain washing’]. (5) Laws and law enforcement. (6) The Great Leap Forward. (7) Five-year plans. (8) Collectivization. (9) Oppression.

Find me (or not) among the opposition.

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