Goodbye America
Clare Lee Bogess

I don’t want to even try to respond to all of your points, though I disagree with many of them. However, if you are so dispirited about the U.S., it is probably for the best that you leave. Back home in Canada (?) you can “resist” the U.S. administration all you want.

I will say that you’ve done an awful job of “resisting” here. You did all the feel-good, symbolic things that liberals love: “going to all the marches, petitioning the White House and foreign governments, launching social media and crowdfunding campaigns, writing and sharing my thoughts in prose and poetry.” Not being a U.S. citizen your political input is necessarily limited, but even if you were a citizen, I doubt you would be very effective with this as your stance toward politics: ”trusting in political institutions to fix the Trump problem is as irresponsible as trusting in God to fix the climate problem.” Just what is supposed to fix the Trump problem if not successful politics? Do you advocate civil war? Or more poetry? Someday you may, wherever you are, decide that you’e ready to grow up and actually take part in making the sausage (

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