Henry, I am sympathetic.
Seth Miller

I’m not opposed to EVs or AVs. If I had the cash right now I’d likely get a plug-in gas-electric car and solar panels (actually, the SmartFlower system is interesting and could double as yard-art if my HOA would allow it).

Plus, by 2030 I’ll be old enough that I probably shouldn’t be driving anymore, and rather than have my kids (rightly) force the car keys from my hand, a self-driving vehicle could be just the ticket.

But I know how things can seem so certain beforehand, because it’s far easier to think of a handful of specific conditions that one must meet than it is the myriad problems one will face. At one point I was excited about the Aptera.

I see in today’s paper that Honda plans to have 2/3 of their vehicles electric by 2030. Well, that $5 could be yours (assuming I’m still here to pay it). I mean, it’s not like the Julian Simon/Paul Ehrlich bet, but I’m not at their pay grade.