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I’m sorry, but you are missing the point. Please take a step back. My point was that it doesn’t matter if there was a record set in the 1930s. It doesn’t even matter that there are other records set more recently. Individual weather events are not very relevant to a discussion of global temperature increase (as the article I cited and my post both pointed out). That’s the point. You can throw the number of living penguins at me, and go on about other extreme weather events, and declaim about how much you think I love the “National Geographic” all you want. Your posts are simply off the mark.

Now — my actual position. I’m no fan of Joe Romm, who is as partisan as you, but there is substantial evidence of global temperature increase that is tied to various “greenhouse gas” increases, most notably CO2. The clearest effect s are glacier and icecap melting and sea-level rise. Other effects are more speculative. Nothing you write really challenges that — nor could it, as long as you fail to report the actual findings about global warming (scientific theory, trends, mechanisms, models, and limitations) from the relevant journals. Do you really think all those people are complete doofuses who could fail to note or account for the cherries you pick? Or do you go the complete conspiracy theory route?