The Decline of Poverty
Angus Hervey

Most of the responses to this post are absolutely appalling. Did people actually read it? Did they look at the data sources? For goodness sake reading the responses was like looking at all those postings by global warming deniers, only here it people of the Left who are denying the data, denying the trends, denouncing the messenger. But they’re just as wrong.

Do people really not know things are getting better? That they have been getting better for a long time now?

Well, look at the following two paragraphs. I will stick with trends in levels of total worldwide malnutrition and stunting of children’s growth from malnutrition. These are really good measures of absolute poverty. Please look at them— it won’t kill you.

According to FAO’s (2015) report, “The state of food insecurity in the world,” the number of undernourished people worldwide was 795 million, down by 167 million across the decade and by 216 million since 1990–1992. That’s a 21% drop in the total number despite a 29% increase in world population!

According to UNICEF’s (2017) “Levels and trends in child malnutrition,” the worldwide percent of children (under age 5) so malnourished as to have stunted growth declined from 32.7% to 22.9% since 2000. That’s an absolute decline from 198.4 million to 154.8 million, against despite a world population growth of almost 16%!

This information is not hard to find. Google the titles and they will come up for you. You can find other information too, most of it showing good things happening most places, socially and economically. If I could keep you here an hour, I’d go through the whole thing, but this will have to do. Shake this stuff in the faces of friends or acquaintances or activists (or professors) who claim the state of the world population has gotten sooo much worse. Because it isn’t true!

Just — please! — don’t hold on to some “alternative truth” that doesn’t match the known facts.

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