Into the Abyss: Why the Local Food Movement Needs to Stop Congratulating Itself
Chris Newman

Okay, just to take the other side, one everyone who has commented will hate: you don’t really want to win. Not if you want food to be plentiful and inexpensive. Local food, organic food, “real” food produces less per unit of land farmed without a demonstrable improvement in nourishment. Do you really want to have to expand the amount of land in cultivation to feed the earth? Wholesale going “local” means having more limited diets. As long as this is limited to zealots and those who want to be accepted by their organic friends, and for whom the amount of their income spent on food is negligible, that’s great. It’s a lifestyle expense. But if you want to feed the prisons, the hospitals, the schools, and do it on a budget, this is an awful, awful approach. If you try to feed the population this way, it means less human happiness. Into the abyss indeed!

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