GOP congressman says we need to repeal Obamacare so men don’t have to pay for prenatal care
Laurel Raymond

Okay, okay. The video is a nice “gotcha” moment. And following it, one statement by one Republican jerk gets morphed (in the replies at this site) into the general oppression of women (typically, as in these replies, by those oppressive white men). Nice going. By that standard, anyone can be crucified. We’ve seen it before, in fact over and over again.

It seems pretty clear (to me) that the Republican “replacement” for the Affordable Care Act — whatever is final form — will be worse than the original thing, though the ACA is pretty bad. In the present climate, we probably won’t be able to get a more rational plan, so we’ll be better off with a plan that’s tinkered with to fix its terrible economic structure, than we would be returning to pre-ACA days.

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