Whiteness fears black creativity. Camilla Long’s ‘Moonlight’ review exposes that.

Someone summed up a response with “racist” and “bullshit.” I’d generally agree, but I’ve been told I should take the most positive reasonable interpretation of a writer’s words. So here goes. Ahem: He didn’t like Long’s review.

No. That won’t do at all. Yes, Josh’s post is a racist, scurrilous rant. It’s a shameful, ad-hominem, diatribe. It is awful. Maybe he just wanted to get a rise from Caucasians or to see how many of them would ohh and ahh anytime someone tells them how terrible they are. A lot of my tribe really are Cocker Spaniels, you know. The more you hit them the more they lick your hand. Whether those were his intentions, as opposed to just enjoying some therapeutic invective, he’s succeeded on both counts, and done so by adding to the problem. What makes it worse is that this is what so often passes as “analysis” at this site.

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