I completely support your decision.
Chris M

The way immigrants are being treated is unconscionable. It is similar to the way my grandparents were treated in 30s Germany. I wish that were an exaggeration, but it isn’t.

Oh, puleeze! Really over-the-top statements like that are part of the reason liberals are so out of power. Who can respect you if you write make up facts like a Trump-of-the-left? If you were in Germany in the 1930s, as my in-laws were, you could expect to be beaten for merely failing to give the Nazi salute, have your store vandalized or taken from you, lose your home, be declared stateless, be arrested on a pretext, tortured, even rounded up and sent to Dachau, which became operational shortly after Hitler came to power. You could easily be murdered. Today, in the U.S., illegal immigrants may (may!) be sent back to their country of origin. “Similar?” Give us all a break.

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