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This is nice, and I certainly approve switching from electricity generated via fossil fuels to carbon-free electricity. It would be much nicer if Romm didn’t make a false equivalency in the “context” he provides — where he compares the wholesale price paid by the utility with the retail price paid by its consumers. He has done this before, and while true believers may be rapturous over his report, it simply hurts his credibility with sympathetic outsiders (such as me), and with consumers, who are expecting cheap electricity and are going to be sorely disappointed.

What does Tucson Electric Power actually charge its customers? From their Web page (, there are various plans . The basic residential electric plan is $13 or $18 per month plus 10.2–12.25 cents per kwh in the summer and 9.87–11.92 cents per kwh in the winter. So, say roughly 12 or 13 cents per kwh, about average for the U.S.

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