IntroducingThe Zerotech Hunter-Knockoff or Notoff to Mavic

I am one to think that there is no real original ideas in this day and age. At least I felt that way until I saw the release of the Mavic and thought this was the result of years of product development. Yes, there was the Autel X-Star which was clearly a Phantom knock off. However, the software is nowhere near the capability of the Phantom series drone.

When Zerotech released the Dobby, the Karma was not far behind it. Ripoff was the cry when Yuneec released Karma. The Dobby was a minor blip for drone fans. Apparently, Zerotech released the Hunter, it was (suprise) a bit close in aestetics to the Mavic. Will copyright infringements prevail? We don’t know right now but this is what we know when Zerotech Hunter Hunts the Mavic.

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