Yuneec Financial Woahs Continue.

The story of Yuneec has been ongoing. In this latest dilema, the drone giant has gone through a myriad of layoffs. Yuneec’s offering a hex called Typhoon H and the selfie Breeze are seen as strong contenders. In fact, the Breeze recently introduced a live stream on Facebook and other social media forums. Unfortunately, all of these were not immune to the winds of change within the drone industry.

Not even the Typhoon H can stave off unemployment.

In this latest chapter, a number of protesters from distributers and suppliers stand outside demanding payment of services. Perhaps a bigger question will be where does the drone industry go from here. Competition is always great for the consumer. What, if any effect will this have on other drone companies?

Breeze “selfie” drone.

When Yuneec released the Breeze, it was ahead of the curve with Go Pro’s Karma and DJI’s Mavic in tow. Checkout this review of the Breeze vs. the Hover vs. Zerotech Dobby.