2 weeks with Apple Watch

I’ve been using Apple Watch since the day one. Apple Watch 42mm with Milanese Loop. It was my first time buying the first generation product of Apple so it reminds me the first iPhone as I purchased. Except with this, I couldn’t expect how this device would function on me.

In fact, after initial setup, I don’t use Apple Watch much, but it’s always on my wrist except when I’m in bed. I think that’s what how it should be. At least for now.

The only time I really use Apple Watch is either sending messages including Digital Touch to my friends or using a Workout app. Other than that, I usually check the time, Look at glances, or check notifications.

Most interactions between myself and Apple Watch are dead simple and quick. I believe because that’s how Apple made it to be.

Few things I like to do with Watch

Even with its instantaneous interaction, there are few things that I absolutely love about Apple Watch:

  • Glance is fantastic. I mostly use this feature to see battery life, change music, and check my stock. With additional third-party apps, there are more information I can check.
  • Digital Touch is weird, but fun. It sort of feels like Apple Watch privilege for now since there are not many around me who own Apple Watch. But drawing, tapping, and even sending my heartbeat feel very different than regular text message, and I like using it to interact with my friends differently.
  • Siri is very helpful. With Siri, I can send a text message without touching a screen once. It was already quite useful on my iPhone, but with always-on feature and instantaneous approach, it becomes much more useful.
  • Checking notifications on my Watch not only is instantaneous, but changed my habit. I only receive notifications that’s relavant or important on my Watch. If I need to respond, I use my iPhone. Other than that, most of notifications are handled on my wrist. And I check my iPhone relatively less.
  • Activity. Makes me want to move more, stand up more frequently, and fill the remaining bars. Pretty successful gamification to me.

These are connected with overall usage pattern. Since uisng Apple Watch is designed to be very quick, features like these are becoming a part of my daily habit.

Well, there are bads as well.

What I hate about Watch

  • Apps. Apple apps are usually fine except Maps. But third-party apps are not. Not only many third party apps aren’t designed for Apple Watch with practice, but so slow to use. For instance, The glance screen of Automatic, a service that tracks my car usage and location, takes at least 4 to 5 seconds to load at the first time. The screen even gets turned off before it’s fully loaded. Opening apps is also slow. i haven’t used many apps since I was so skeptical about apps that’s designed without even trying out the device, but even ones I use are not really instant.
  • Siri can be either very frustrating or embarrasing. I prefer saying “Hey Siri” since I do not have to press and hold a digital crown, but my Watch sometimes have hard time recognizing my voice that I eventually have to either say out loud or use the digital crown. Furthermore, using this method can attract people’s eyes. I wish I can speak “Hey Siri” and say the message content I want to send to my friend in a subway, but I just can’t. It’s too embarrasing.
  • Limited API. WatchKit is too limited. I was surprised that Nike+ Running app cannot use Apple Watch’s fitness tracking features just like a Workout app. I wanted to use that app so I can run very lightly. Instead, Apple Watch is just a remote screen while iPhone does everything else. Just like the time without Apple Watch.

More than timekeeping

What’s smartwatch? Why do I need one? I didn’t have answers until I tried Apple Watch. Thankfully I do now. It’s more than checking time. It takes some of smartphone’s work so we don’t have to be so dependent on it. It’s so instantaneous that distracts less than smartphones as well. Do I need it? Maybe not. Do I want it? Absolutely.

Apps are just additional experience that’s missing. Honestly, I’m already satisfied with using Apple Watch just for checking Glances and notifications. On the other hand, great apps with better APIs will probably blow my mind. I’ve already seen apps that’s different than others that’s identical to iPhone version. Apple Watch needs more of them. And more control to developers.

It’s already giving different changes in my life. I use my iPhone a bit less because of Glances and notifications. I check my Activity and try to achieve my daily goal. These seems small, but it’s impacting my norm, and I wonder what my next change going to be influenced by this small device.

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