Magic Trackpad 2

The feature I’ve been waiting for has come with a hefty price.

Yes I’m talking about Magic Trackpad 2. My laptop(Mid 2012 MBPr) unfortunately do not have Force Touch, and my other devices like iPhone 6s Plus and Apple Watch have Force Touch(or 3D Touch). To try out Force Touch on Mac, purchasing a new Mac product was the only option.

Until Apple reinvented Magic Trackpad with Force Touch.

It’s still not cheap. $129 is way more expensive than previous one. However, it’s bigger and comes with a lightening cable which would be nice to iOS users.

Just like Magic Keyboard, setup process is as simple as just plugging a lightening cable to Mac.

Compared to 1st gen. Magic Trackpad, this is obviously bigger and slimmer. I never had any issue with the size of 1st gen., and I’m sure wider glass surface won’t hurt at all.

The main difference I noticed was that Magic Trackpad 2 doesn’t have any button, and when I press the surface, nothing happens until connected to Mac. Thanks to Taptic engine, it gives feedback based on how deep I press. I can also control hardness of clicking. I tried all three options, and I’m sticking with medium for now. “Firm” is too hard and “Light” doesn’t provide enough feedback for me.

Even though it’s still very pricey, Magic Trackpad 2 happens to be the cheapest way to upgrade your Mac to support Force Touch. And based on what I’ve experienced with the feature, if you don’t have Magic Trackpad, it will be worth adding an extra glass input accessory on your desk.

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