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The funny thing if you call it is the fact the NRA is pitting members against members. The fact is to push guns they got a bill passed allowing the mentally ill to purchase and use a weapon. We just saw the results with a woman (exsoldier) her boyfriend in the military take her dog a service dog into the woods tied it to a tree and she shot it five times then he shot it five times. Some of my sons friends have been waiting for a long time on a list who were wounded to have a service dog are amazed how these two got a gun and proceeded to do what they did. Now they want to have silencers to supposedly protect theirears when truthfully they can get ear plus that do the same thing and cost a fraction of the coast of a silencer. I myself use ear plugs when hunting . Ask the NRA people about their congressional members especially the ones that are actively working to take back the public lands and sell it to private and corporate and foreign groups. There not only goes your national parks but your monuments and other public land that people now enjoy to hunt and fish on. Yes I own guns but I dont allow these people to hunt on my land. We are getting over the fact that my neighbor allowed this and his cow was shot and was found on the hood of a suv by the state police with the hunters calling it a great deer. My wife was outside in the back and she was shot at along with the dog both wearing red vests. The hunters came out of the woods and said they were sorry but that ended that once and for all as my land was posted and remains posted the only people to hunt there are myself and my neighbors as we cull the heard getting rid of the older deer who otherwise due to age starve to death seeing they lose their teeth. yes I belonged at one time as did my neighbors but theyve become political to the extent they cant even control their membership and the public lands will soon go away so theres gun control by the group that wants your money to promote something that in the end will get rid of guns seeing there will be no place for the sportsmen.