Henry Long
Apr 13, 2018 · 3 min read

Gallery Owner Brittany Davis Impacting Artists’ Careers

“It is important for artists to understand that there are two sides of being an artist, the creative side and the businesses side, said gallerist and artist Brittany Davis, who teaches ‘How to Succeed as an Artist’ workshops.

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Gallery Owner Brittany Davis Teaching her How to Succeed as an Artist’ workshops

Davis knows a bit about the art world and what galleries are looking for. Her gallery, Beyond the Lines, recently relocated from Bergamot Station to Downtown LA. “I can relate to artists being an artist myself, after finishing art school and going into the art world, I know how scary and intimidating it can be for emerging artists to start their professional careers.”

She said she enjoys guiding artists and teaching them how to professionally approach other galleries. After working with hundreds of artists from emerging to established, Davis has seen a lot of the mistakes even established artists make, that may be holding back their careers. “Even artists who have been showing their work for years can get stuck in their careers, so always growing and improving content can be beneficial. Being a young professional I have a different way of seeing the art business, giving a fresh perspective to artists.” Davis has been teaching business art classes for about a year now. “I love connecting with each student and seeing their personality and how it reflects in their artwork. From there connecting on goals and how to make them possible is always exciting to see their progress.”

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Beyond the Lines Gallery in Downtown LA

As a gallery owner she can teach artists the most powerful and effective way for an artist to exhibit his or her artwork. She has worked with hundreds of artists and put together close to one hundred art exhibitions, so she is extremely qualified to teach artists how to professionally talk about and present their work to galleries and collectors. “Giving artists the best chance to be seen to whatever audience they desire anywhere in the world all starts with going through the basics of having a good clear presentation of your work visually and also being able to talk about it. That is what I have experienced. I am here to help an artist reach that next level.” She added “I have seen a lot of my students grow in confidence and their content has become stronger. Which has led them to opportunities by being a part of shows. Many of them have a stronger sense of direction of where they are going with their art.”

‘How to Succeed as an Artist’ workshops begin on Sunday April 29th 1pm-5:30 (Class 1) and Sunday May 6th 1pm-5:30pm (Class 2)m at her new downtown gallery. In addition, Davis will also be providing one on one tutoring for artists. Email for more information beyondthelinesgallery@gmail.com

Beyond the Lines Gallery is located at 1150 E. 12th St., Unit A, LA, 90021. Visit the website for additional info at https://beyondthelinesgallery.com

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