The Collaboration of Two Galleries

bG Gallery is on the move now that their building at Bergamot Station has changed ownership. Gallery owner, Om Bleicher will be moving his gallery to another Santa Monica location…but in the meantime, he is continuing to exhibit his artists with the help of another gallery.

Artist opening at FM Fine Arts Gallery in January 2018, photo courtesy of bG Gallery

Bleicher attended a recent exhibition at FM Fine Arts and met co-owner David Sarir. They had both heard good things about each other. “David mentioned that a lot of artists that he shows talk highly of the gallery (bG Gallery) and invited me to curate a show at the space. I pitched him Grayscale Wonderland and mentioned it’d been a popular show at the gallery and he gave me the go-ahead.”

David Sarir said he was happy to collaborate with Bleicher. “Om is very professional and he made working with him very smooth.” Frame Masters was established in 1969 and offer its clientele (museums, galleries, and artists) affordable and professional framing. Owners David and Kamran Sarir moved to La Brea Avenue six years ago. “When we moved into this new location, the space lent itself perfect for an art gallery. For years many of my artist clients had asked me to open an art gallery…so we put the two together and opened up FM Fine Art Gallery.”

Christine Sawicky, Street Sensation, charcoal, 10” x 8”, photo courtesy of artist

This is the third year Bleicher has presented Grayscale Wonderland and he has organized a compelling and dynamic exhibition. Artist Christine Sawicky has two works in the exhibit. Bleicher said Sawicky captured the feline personalities in a way that can only be represented by a cat lover. “Both of these cat drawings were inspired by my love for animals,” said Sawicky. “The cat with the green eyes was a homeless kitty that was rescued from the streets…I loved his spunky personality even through his times of hardship in the streets of Los Angeles.” Her second drawing featured her sister’s cat. “He is always sitting and bending his body like a little human. Whenever he decides to sit he makes himself comfortable like only a cat can. Cats are so beautifully independent. I had to capture these two unique personalities through my art.” Sawicky added that she always wanted to be a part of a bG Gallery exhibition. “They always have such quality work from many different artists. I have walked through their gallery many times hoping to someday be a part of their shows. To find out more about the art of Christine Sawicky visit her FB page at

“I have long been fascinated by Spherical shapes,” said artist Pamela Mower-Conner. “They have naturally drawn my attention and occurred in my 2-Dimensional paintings for many years.”

Globe by Pamela Mower-Conner, Photo courtesy of bG Gallery

Mower-Conner’s work is a globe which she painted black and white in the show. Once she started working with spheres, she said she it freed her. “I am able to depict a seamless parade of imagery without the unwanted confines of the canvas edge. Prior to working on spheres, I experimented with various ways to extend a scene, panoramas, triptychs, linked series of continuous scenes. The spherical shape provided a suitable and pleasing solution.

Landscape photographer Martin Cox is exhibiting a work from his “Snow Drawing” series. “I am drawn to places where there is some tussle between nature and culture, places where there is some back story now left in visual traces. In these snowy valleys there are only hints of human activity, but agriculture has left more of a mark of the landscape than may at first appear, animals grazing for centuries have removed all the forest.”

Martin Cox, “House with Mountain” archival pigment print, 22x 17, 2017, edition 21, photo courtesy of artist

Sgarzie, a street artist (Sga) has created a stunning portrait of Kendrick Lamar. “He is kinda a messiah of the Hip Hop music so I thought he deserved to go into my art pieces.” When Sgarzie creates work on a canvas, he prefers to do them with a stencil. “The stencil was born for the street art so it’s like I’m taking the street on my canvas.” He celebrates artists that make a mark on the world such as his work in the show.

Enjoy a closing event February 11, 2018 from 2–5pm at FM Fine Art Gallery, 834 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90038; 323–466–9999;

Sgarzie, Grey K-Dot, acrylic and spray paint, 60x80 cm, photo courtesy of artist