6 things to read this week (20.02.17)

Rewind my week to fast forward yours #13

Almost-solo dining, staff-less shopping, ubiquitous entertainment, brand experiments and more: a handful of stories that capture the way we live now. Enjoy!

🍱 Food is about sharing bonds as much as breaking bread. Which is why this slightly surreal concept is so intriguing. Yes, it’s just a pop-up marketing stunt. But the ideas behind it are much bigger: the paradoxes of hyper-individualization mashed together with urban loneliness. In many ways, it’s the perfect ultra-modern experience.

📱 People often ask if the innovations we feature are successful. Earlier this year, we posted in our TW:Premium about Näraffär, “a 24-hour unmanned grocery store in Sweden, where customers could use an app to unlock and enter the store using their cellphone, receiving a bill for their purchases at the end of each month.” Then came Amazon Go. Next up, BingoBox a staff-less store in Guangdong, China:

🔮 When we first created our Trend Framework (the 16 mega-trends that define consumerism), people hated on our FUZZYNOMICS trend. Now, I’m not going to claim it’s the most intuitive trend name we’ve ever coined (FLAWSOME still wins that one ;), but how else to describe the general messiness & blurred nature of business today, as captured by these three stories, from Unilever and the New York Times?

📺 Hard to pick just one of the articles in the Economist’s ‘Winner Takes All’ special report, on the new formats and behaviors around entertainment. Covering live-streaming in China, algorithmic recommendations, VR/AR, TV’s staying power and more…well worth your time.

🚕 The Economist observe above that ‘there is almost no limit on the supply of entertainment choices, but people’s awareness of them is constrained by the time and attention they can spare’. Well, if this article is correct (& there’s nothing that controversial in it), we won’t even have to wait until self-driving cars arrive to be able to unlock an extra few hours of precious screen time. And as we’ve seen with Spotify & the New York Times, expansive brand partnerships are already popping up everywhere.

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