The Case For Making Hillary Clinton President — And Not Mike Pence — After Trump Is Impeached
Allan Ishac

By your logic, the person who should be given the election they were robbed and denied of is BERNIE SANDERS, not Hillary and the DNC, who rigged the primaries to help her become the nominee. Hillary is the one who pushed to make the GOP nominee TRUMP because he was the easiest opponent for her and when her plot of Mice and Men failed and TRUMP won, she has the nerve to cry foul? as well as many of her sycophants who seem to forget that you pushed progressives away in order to attract more white middle class ‘moderate” Republicans who would be disgusted with Trump. That might have worked if not for the fact that Hillary is the worst candidate and the most hated figure in politics but guess you didn’t notice that at those massive rallies at high school gymnasiums she had while Bernie was just filling stadiums.

Fuck Hillary Clinton & the DNC, the only thing I can hope is that you just disappear and never darken our lives again.

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