A Compilation Of The Top 5 Best Android Video Players

In this post I’ll be reviewing a list of Top 5 Best Android Video Players To Download to get the best video playing experience on your android phones and tablets. While every android smartphone comes with a video player, most times these default video players are not able to play some specific format of video files or evena higher quality video file, as a result there’s the need for a third party video player app to enable the smartphone play these unsupported video formats and also enhance the video and audio quality. Asides playing unsupported video formats, third party video player apps also enable you to stream videos from YouTube and other video streaming sites. That’s the reason for this post Top 5 Best Android Video Players To Download. The numbering of these top video player apps does not in any way signify their performance and/or ranking.

1. VLC For Android

VLC media player is one of the best media players on PC with great features to match,of course it also has an android version and that is the VLC for android to extend the features of the VLC media player to android devices. These features are responsible for why it made it to the list of Top 5 Best Android Video Players To Download.

Features Of VLC for Android Video Player

Plays all video formats.

supports both audio and video playbacks.

Onscreen control for brightness control, volume.

No codec installation required.

2. MX Player

As the MX player slogan says 'plays everything’, MX player is one of the few android video players that made it to this list of top 5 best android video players and also plays everything. The MX player is a top video player just like the VLC player, it supports HD and also can be used to stream live matches with the WSS app.

Features of MX Player

Supports Network Streaming.

Great Video and audio enhancement.

Onscreen control features.

Supports subtitle.

Manual codec installation required for some video formats.

3. Dice Player

Dice player is another great android video player with awesome features too, reason it made it to the list.

Features of Dice Player

Hardware acceleration for smooth playback.

Supports all video formats and subtitles.

Supports great function and its well designed.

Supports pop-up tray for seamless multitasking.

4. MOBO Video Player

MOBO Video Player is another third party video player app that also made it to the list of Top 5 Best Android Video Players To Download.

Features of MOBO Video Player

Supports all video formats.

Supports subtitle.Steady video playback for online and offline play.

Supports floating window for multitasking.

Supports library management.

Nice UI for a better navigation.

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