Why I Love My Mac Computer!

I am not a geek, but then, I am not entirely new to computers or
their inner workings. In other words, I know just enough to get
myself into trouble. LOL

My first Mac was the Mac LC, (LC for learning center). These were
sometimes called the pizza box Mac because the case was just about
the same size and shape of a medium pizza. This was back in the
late 1990’s. The internet was still new then. The Mac LC did
not come ‘internet ready’ so I had to download this and that,
such as drivers, but I had no Internet Service Provider because
I did not know for sure if I could actually get online with the 
Mac LC.

Eventually, I did get online with it and the only thing I could
think of doing was to join a Internet Relay Chat network. How I 
found them in the first place, I do not remember.

Anyways, I got hooked on the internet and on Macs.

Eventually, I bought an Macbook and I was in heaven! It did everything 
but the dishes. Any questions, I could just call them. Any serious
problems, they would fix with Remote Assistance.

However, I recently upgraded my Mac OS X Yosemite to El Capitan and
BOOM! Nothing but troubles! I had problems with Mail, with the 
keyboard backlight, and sometimes the whole thing just freezes!

Fortunately, Safari was still working so I was able to do a few
hour of research on Google. What I came up with turned out to
be pretty simple. Run a clean-up utility, then upgrade again.

Another hour of researching for a good clean-up utility yielded a program called Mackeeper. I called my local Apple repair show to confirm that this
app was legit and they said that that is what they use also.

I ran that and then re-installed Mac OS X El Capitan and now everything
is running perfect again. Woot!

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