Why Russell Brand is a Force For Good

It’s been a while since Russell Brand has been in the limelight. Atleast, compared to the light he demanded last summer, 2015.

The general election was approaching, and so, unbeknown to all, was the last episode of Brand’s billion-views accumulating YouTube show, The Trews:

‘’Like the news, if the news were true.'

The impact Brand had upon politics is unmeasured by any entertainer in the last 2 decades. This isn’t empirical but instinctual to my 22 year-old self.

Measuring political-propagation is difficult to quantify, but ‘The People’s Narcissist’ seems the singular candidate.

One branch of Brand dissidents would highlight the utopian aspirations of his politics. Leaving aside the question of how the positive utopian became synonymous with the negative farfetched, the response is so what? A) The man never claimed of himself political omniscience, but more modestly labeled himself an entertainer; B) the engagement his political involvement garnered perhaps dwarfs the importance of the notion 'the right politics’ anyway, given the magnitude of apathy in our country:40% didn’t vote that summer. Moreover, is it right to smear all the political content produced by Brand as unrealistic?

Back in 2014, some 93 London-families were forwarded the news that their rent would be going up twofold. These were the families of the New Era Estate in Hoxton, London. The owner of the estate was an American private equity company who, prioritising profit over people, faced a huge backlash once Brand got involved. Via Brand’s profile, 300,000 petitions were signed for the matter to be put to the house of parliament, and the activists won! As not to look bad, the private equity company was forced to sell to an affordable housing charity. And thus, the families live today in that same community.

Without Brand — who’s not infallible — and his garnering of support for these lowly families, they’d be apart of some new, bundled-together community, who’d been forced to retreat from monopolistic manipulation: simply victims awaiting further redistribution. However they’re not, and though Brand their champion, may the repentant sinner not do good?