Fool Genius

One upon a time a man about an age of eighteen went to city. He say most of the people are hostile which have come before him in the city and the people who do not know him also very supportive and helpful. About seven years no one help him in guiding himself. He was working but he was feeling that he is not getting improve himself. He seem many people around him who are talent and genius . He was working , studying but he is not getting a notable benefit which keep him success. As the time passed and he grown up to thirty. He say many people come in the society who helping the people without any cause. At he beginning he not seen any beggar wondering on the roads and the time there was no people who guide others .After the seven eight years the whole city change .Most the people become supportive. The supportive people are the genius people of the society. As they start helping the people the number of beggar and unemployment start to increasing.Most of the people started to funding and these supportive people become an organisation .By the way by watching these the group of some other people also start to make an organisation and start funding to help poor and overcome an unemployment. But the poverty and unemployment increase five time more than before.The society people was good as they get alms, support and help the behavior of the society also started to go downward.At the beginning the supportive people are known as genius but today i think they are fool genius. They are uprooting the society infect they are not helping the society.