3 Reasons Why America is About to End
Evan Shields

Hi Evan,

You made some great points in your op-ed piece. May I suggest for your further reading, Morris Berman’s “Why America Failed”. In this book, Morris Berman delves further in to the deep historical reasons for America’s eventual societal and civilizational collapse. His central thesis is that America, from its very inception (long before the Declaration of Independence in 1776) was at its heart and soul a “huckster” society where material self interest was always at war or in constant tension with the loftier objectives of spiritual and moral progress. This material/moral dichotomy and struggle was present in every phase of America’s History and it was what shaped America on the present downward civilizational trajectory which it is now apparently headed. The Resilience.org website is a great source of articles on not just America’s imminent collapse but also on the imminent collapse of Industrial Technological Civilization for reasons that we are all too well aware of today.