Fix Avast UI failed to load

Avast is an antivirus and an internet security app that is useful and comes with incredible functions. Some of the technical faults make it too complicated to handle. One of the most annoying issues for the Avast users is Avast UI failed to load. You can fix it simply by removing temporarily this antivirus. It is not so easy for the non-tech-savvy person to set it.

Avast UI failed to load: major issue:-

Sometimes it will happen, you want to restart your system then you will encounter the black screen error like a major issue. Rather, at the time of scanning, you will get stuck with the recognition problem between the device and antivirus. So, you would not be able to run Avast antivirus and scan your device.

Improper installation of the Avast can create the Avast UI failed to load critical error. Although the Avast is able to scan, your device a pop-up message appears in every time of scanning.

The main reason for Avast UI failed is an improper window services configuration fails to recognize the device and show Avast UI failed issue. So, you will get an unexpected error message, “Avast UI failed to load”.

Solutions of Avast UI failed to load:-

Here are some steps to fix the Avast UI failed to load:

1) Remove black screen error:-

Double click on the Avast icon to open the Avast user interface (UI) settings. Then click on Settings and select General. Now, go to Exclusions and under this section, click on add. Now, add the correct address, C:WindowsExplorer.exe, and C:WindowsImmersiveControlPanelSystemSettings.exe simultaneously to the exclusions fields. Now, restart your system and scan your device through Avast.

2) Set up auto startup:-

To open the RUN dialog box press windows + R from the keyboard together. After that, in the dialog box, type in services.msc and press enter to open the services window. Now, click on the Desktop services and double click on the service which you need and choose the option, Automatic as type. Now, click on the option, Apply to save the changes. Now, restart your system and check whether the Avast UI problem solved or not.

3) Uninstall and Reinstall Avast:-

First of all, click on the start and open the control panel window by tapping the control panel menu. Now, open Programs and Features and select Uninstall a Program.

Here, you will get a list of the all installed programs. Now, right-click on the Avast and click on the Uninstall to remove the software. Finally, click on the Yes option to confirm the software installation process. Again, download the Avast software from a correct site and re-install it successfully and fix Avast UI failed to load the problem immediately.

4) Fix Recognition problem:-

First of all, right-click on the Avast icon and open the Shields control. Now, right-click on disable to remove it. After that, select the option, Enable Shields. This process will resolve the recognition problem. If the problems still hang-on, then follow the below-given steps:

First, open the Command Cmpt (admin) window by tapping the option, Run as administrator. After that, you have to need type the command, winmgmt /verify repository and stroke the Enter button to run the command.

If anytime you get the status of Windows Management Instrument (WMI) is consistent, then you need to run the command winmgmt /verify repository.

In the situation of inconsistency, type winmgmt /salvagerepository and press enter to proceed. Now, you will get a confirmation message, the WMI repository has been successfully rebuilt. After that, reboot your system and check whether the Avast UI failed to load error solve or not.