Before We Hang ’Em High, Can We Convict First?
Rob Hahn

This whole story and situation stinks. No one has mentioned anything about all these Ladies and Billy Ekofo belonging to Inman. I saw Inman’s blog post yesterday and there someone said they all worked for Inman so I did a little research but of course Inman took down that comment. Look carefully at the picture of the guys flexing from “The Real Daily post and who do you think is behind the 3 guys? None other than Valerie Garcia

Looks like these poor guys were followed by Valerie Garcia and crew. Invited by Inman with the promise of an Award but really right into their TRAP.

Here you will see Valerie Garcia waiting to follow them;

All these people work or affiliated with Inman, check out their profiles;

Stacie Staub

Valerie Garcia

Nikki Beauchamp

Billy Ekofo-Broke the Story on LCA

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