It is time to smile wave and start something

I spent over four and a half years helping build Glossier

I signed my offer letter with Glossier on Christmas Eve, 2013 and now, five years later, I will be signing off from working here. Over this time, my beauty routine has evolved immeasurably, from something pretty basic to something involving more hyaluronic acid.

Perhaps more importantly, in this period, the company has grown remarkably quickly and has had an outsized impact on the world. From our first few early adopter customers, we now have millions of customers in seven countries. We have grown from 10 corporate employees to almost 200. We have had four Camp Glossiers. We have raised $86m, in the process convincing some of the smartest startup investors in the world of the validity of our vision. Ultimately, we have built a category-defining business with an incredible margin structure that has grown over 100% every year and has clear line of sight to continue doing so for a long time to come.

All the while, my proudest accomplishments are that our team has proven itself to be among the most talented and dedicated in the world, while our strategy has remained truly pioneering and ambitious.

Back in 2013, I was so excited to work with Emily because it was clear that she was, simply put, brilliant. Five years later I think it is increasingly clear that Emily is a generation-defining entrepreneur. I have benefited immeasurably from having had the chance to learn alongside someone so uniquely talented.

I also so passionately wanted to work with Emily because we shared a belief that a new type of tech-driven, direct-to-consumer company could fundamentally change the customer relationship with a brand and the products it created. By engaging people at scale, we felt that we could better understand their needs and desires, create a brand and products to meet them, and include these very people throughout the process. Over the years, this thesis has been borne out in ever more exciting ways. Customers are more empowered than ever, not just to direct the offerings brands give them, but to be stakeholders in their very creation. I am so proud of Glossier’s pioneering role in this revolution.

I have repeatedly said to everyone at Glossier over the last few years that if you are not both excited and scared in equal measure, you are not trying hard enough. With those emotions deep within me, I am moving on to start my next adventure as founder of a new company. I continue to be incredibly focused on the dramatic pace of change and the growing opportunities for disruption in the consumer product landscape. I am excited to tell you all more about my plans around that soon.

Until then, thank you to everyone who has believed in me and what we have built at Glossier, from Emily, to my other colleagues, our investors and, most of all, Glossier’s customers. This is a special company, with an incredibly special future ahead of it, and we are still early in the journey.

Smile wave