Privileged. Millennial. Crybabies.


The byline of every protest in the wake of the 2016 election. The title of those responsible for shutting down city streets, US interstates, district courts, and town halls. The snide remarks on Facebook live streams. The voice of the American People.

Last night, I attended a gathering for Privileged Millennial Crybabies. It was one of hundreds that formed across the nation. While marching with my fellow Privileged Millennial Crybabies, I was compelled to transmit a live video of the events to my Facebook community, to show all of my Privileged Millennial Crybaby friends that they are not alone. The reception of these videos was mostly positive. Some responses were not positive. The negative responses asked (rhetorically) why a bunch of Privileged Millennial Crybabies were protesting an election that was already over. They chided us for the theoretical hypocrisy of our protest — that we would never tolerate the protests of the other side, had they been snubbed instead of us. They reminded us that nobody protested the election and re-election of Barack Obama. So in response to those comments, I would like to do a little Q&A, for those who are condemning or merely curious, as to why there are so many Privileged Millennial Crybabies in the streets of America.

Why don’t you just accept the outcome and move on?

None of us believe that we are going to protest Donald Trump out of office. The purpose of these gatherings is simply to make our dissent heard. We, the people who are empathetic toward and impacted by sexism, racism, classism, queerphobia, nationalism, and anti-environmentalism, intend to declare our unification to discourage acts of violence that radical idiots feel they have been given permission to commit by Donald Trump. We make ourselves known in an effort to dissuade the new government elects from ignoring their constituency, and to show them the power that we possess to overturn the security of our nation, should they turn us into ideological targets with their narrow rhetoric. We aren’t refusing to accept the outcome, we’re letting the outcome know that we won’t

But this is democracy; you don’t always get your way, but you have to deal with what the people want.

Well, this isn’t everyone’s democracy. In fact, it’s not even the majority. We are functioning with a limited amount of space here. The electoral college decides our presidency, but most of us haven’t had the opportunity to confirm that with a vote in our lifetime. If the people alone decided who wins, Hillary Clinton would be president. If the people alone decided who wins, Al Gore would be president. We probably wouldn’t have ever invaded Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan (because none of those countries had anything to do with 9/11, remember). Climate Change would be much less of an immediate threat for sure. And even if the majority of the population had voted for Trump, “Dealing with it” is a ridiculous request! You tell someone to “Deal with it” when they complain about things like competitive sports, unexpected weather, or traffic jams. When their rights to exist peacefully as human beings disappear, you do not tell them to deal with it, unless you are hoping that they actually will. And that’s exactly what we’re doing; making a deal: Trump is a people’s president, or Trump isn’t president.

We didn’t protest when you got your way. What gives you the right to cry and complain when we get ours?

First off, yeah, you totally did. Just take a second to look it up. Do a google image search of people lynching and burning effigies of Obama. Look at KKK and white supremacist protests that have been going on all over the country for the past 8 years…


But you voted for the guy that white supremacists voted for, and you were opposed to the moderate and experienced woman that white supremacists were against. On the same topic, consider that when Obama was president, the people protesting were the crazy, scary, creepy conservatives that even you don’t want anything to do with. Trump’s election, on the other hand, is bringing out some of the largest and most diverse protests this nation has ever seen. People of every represented gender, ethnicity, sexuality, class, and political stance have come out of the woodwork to make themselves heard here. Doesn’t that say something about who has to lose from a Trump presidency?

What is protesting going to change though? It’s already over.

Seriously, nobody is trying to yell so loud that Trump resigns. We aren’t stupid, we’re organized. We’re showing our support for the people that are now afraid to be Americans. We are demanding that Trump is the President for all of us, not just those who stand to benefit from some of his terrifying campaign promises. We’re letting him know that there are enough of us to really make things difficult for him if he pushes back. We are afraid that this is going to be a fight, but we are gathering to let Trump know that even if we are afraid, we’re gonna show up.

The protests are starting to get violent, and turning into riots. What’s more, there are “professional protestors” inciting the violence. Don’t you think that’s wrong?

Yes. So do most people. Our protests have no need for violence, and for the most part, they don’t have any. But there are violent people in this country, and angry people often use energetic crowds as a means of inciting violence. Trump supporters have literally shot our protestors, so you should question what kind of violence you are advocating for and against. And in regards to “Professional protestors”…I can barely even justify a response to this…Who would pay a bunch of people to incite violence at these rallies? Trump already won, you said it best. Everyone out here is passionate, and definitely not getting paid.

Fuck you, you’re just a Privileged Millennial Crybaby.

You know what, fuck you too! We are inheriting the Earth, is there something wrong with wanting it to be a nice place for people to live? We aren’t a tough, brittle, intolerant, and angry generation because that sounds like a god awful way to live, and we’re trying to change it. We want a world where people aren’t discriminated by their own government. We don’t want civilians to be mean or oppressive to each other, for any reason whatsoever. We want everyone to prosper financially, and we want to stop hurting the earth for the sake of economic growth. If human nature is evolving, then we want it to evolve into a kinder, happier, and more empathetic nature. You condemn us for being narrow minded and needy, when what we are really doing is expressing an intolerance for bad people doing bad things. Condemn us for our protests, for our civil disobedience, and for our fragility, but last we checked, things aren’t looking too safe in your tough and uncomplaining “deal with it” hands. Why don’t you just let us take it from here.