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Henry Ward
Mar 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Below is the job description written by my former CoS. He makes it sound harder than it is. But if it resonates please reach out. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

As Chief of Staff to Henry Ward, you will first and foremost have to understand that this is not a job for the faint-hearted. Carta is a fast-growing startup that is building the financial infrastructure necessary to converge public and private markets (read as building a lot). If you are looking for a relaxed 9–5, please back away slowly.

If you are insanely bright, hard working and are looking for alternatives to years of indentured servitude in a top investment bank or management consultant, then this is your gig. augment second paragraph of the CoS posting to:

1. If you are insanely bright, hard working and are looking for alternatives to years of indentured servitude in a top investment bank or management consulting firm, then this is your gig.

This position will cover four areas:

1. Collaborate with Henry in his role as Founder and CEO of Carta. Despite 120% CAGR ARR growth over the last five years, Carta is just getting started. We believe the world will be a better place if financial markets are more transparent and accessible to more people. The problem is the world’s financial infrastructure did not evolve this way and the only way to solve this is to rebuild it. Support for the CEO position includes being the liaison between Henry, the Carta Executive Team, and Board of Directors.

2. Work with Henry and the Carta Executive Team on projects. For Carta to realize its potential, there are a lot of hard problems we will have to solve. Oftentimes there is not an immediate owner inside our four walls so a subset of our team will take ownership. You will participate in these projects and spearhead the search for long-term owners.

3. Scale the office of the CEO. You will be responsible for building out a team that keeps Henry’s professional and personal life in order. Helping prioritize Henry’s time is essential to making sure his input achieves the maximum output for Carta. The team will directly report to you and you will have ownership over all personnel decisions. Your team will work alongside the Strategy Team which also operates within the Office of the CEO.

4. Develop into a future leader. Founder. COO. Venture Capitalist. Henry wants to equip you with the learnings and experience to do whatever you want after this role. You will have an unbounded opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in tech and receive direct mentorship from Carta Executives and Board Members (many of whom have operated and invested in many of the defining companies of the last thirty years).

Skills & Experience Required:

  • Outlier IQ & EQ
  • Strategic thinker
  • Impeccable attention to detail and quality
  • Extraordinary hustle
  • Exceptional project management to drive recruiting, meetings, research, and action
  • Quantitative nature with the ability to put the qualitative into words
  • Appreciation for fast, real-time feedback
  • Desire for a fast pace while not losing the ability to see the big picture
  • Commitment to traveling up to 30% of the year
  • Don’t be a gatekeeper to my calendar — be an enabler who gives me leverage
  • Distinguished academic performance at a top university is preferred but can be overlooked in lieu of extraordinary life experiences (see here)

Helpful reading:

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CEO at Carta

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