Nobody Can Tell You Which iPhone Size Is Right For You

Apple’s new iPhones come down to a choice: Bigger or Even Bigger?

Those deciding to upgrade to the iPhone 6 for any reason other than size (Apple Pay, a longer battery life, better video recording, or the fastest processors are enough) are now talking themselves into a size jump.

A size jump that shows Apple playing catch-up with the direction that the market and customers and have been going for a couple of years.

Apple CEO Tim Cook himself has even said, “It’s an incredible opportunity for us to switch people from Android to iOS.” By making the 4.7 the iPhone without a modifier tacked onto the name, Apple has declared that this is the new default size for a smart phone.

Once customer reach acceptance, and notice that pre-orders begin this Friday morning, they go back to the question at the root of the iPhone 6: how big is big enough? Is there such a thing as too big?

It’s probably going to take some getting used to, as the size difference is nothing to scoff at. At the very least, the diagonal dimension of the phone jumps 17.5%, or, if you get the Even Bigger model, that’s a jump of 37.5%.

According to what you see online, customers might be driving themselves up the wall trying to make the decision.

If you’re trying to decide which of Apple’s iPhone sizes is best for you, I have some advice I was given when I was 5 years old. Advice I’m still being given to this day.


The Verge claims they’ve got this:

Apple Insider has offered these phone silhouettes to print to see how they fit to your hands and pockets:

Neither of those resources will be enough to truly educate customers on what phone they want.

This is a pattern the tech press is used to. After all, once their hands-on pieces are up and before their reviews can be written, something has to be published about the iPhone.

This decision is on the mind of iPhone buyers everywhere, and as there are a lot of iPhone owners, something has to be published about the iPhone. That’s how you drive traffic. Following the hype.

My advice is to realize we don’t know enough about these new phones. A cut-out silhouette does nothing to demonstrate how the weight of the device feels in your hands. Understanding how the different cameras in the 6 and 6 plus are supposed to work, does nothing without experiencing the phone in the wild.

We really need to forget the pre-order. We know how large the stakes are here. This is the device that your days will often rotate around.

You’re doing what research you can, and that’s great, but there is not enough information yet. We don’t even have reviews published yet, just brief recaps of the hands-on experiences that journalists had at Tuesday’s press event.

There’s a fear of missing out, and a love of having it first. Whatever happened to buyer’s remorse, though?

Wait for it to hit stores. Wait for the critics to write their reviews. Go in and brave the hordes of similarly judicious customers. I know, being around other people is horrible, but this is worth the small sacrifice. See how it feels in your hand, how the differences in weight and balance may effect your ability to take the best photos possible.

It’ll be worth it, and you’ll know you made the right call.

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