Where There’s A Story, Adventure Time Finds A Way To Tell It
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The Television Romance We Never Saw, But May Finally Get In Graphic Novel Form

Henry T. Casey
Aug 22, 2014 · 3 min read

Adventure Time is one of the best shows on television right now, but not everybody is willing to figure out how that’s true. If you’re already a true believer, you can skip down to the video for the breaking news.

The way some blanch at anything Shonda Rhimes’ name is attached to is the way many have reacted when they hear there’s a top-tier show airing on Cartoon Network before 8pm.

But what if I told you that they did a pitch-perfect homage episode for Cormac McCarthy’s The Road?

A whole episode done in glitch art?

That there’s a gender-ambiguious robot character who told an entire episode in the tone of The Maltese Falcon?

That the same show handles emotions and feelings better than the vast majority of the television landscape?

That they have established a canonical alternate universe where all character genders are swapped?

What if I told you their writing staff has so many ideas they’re putting out multiple comic books a month?

I would hope you’re listening by now, and you’d watch the video below.


That’s Olivia Olson speaking, the voice actress behind the character Marceline (she’s a vampire, seen below with fangs, but thankfully, without sparkles). She’s just confirmed the rumor of relationship between principal Adventure Time characters Marceline and Princess Bubblegum (in pink, below). Don’t let that name fool you, though, Bubblegum is the smartest character on the show, a scientist who has had mixed results with both time travel and cloning.

As a fan of the show for years, I didn’t see that news coming, not at all. Until I saw these moments:

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Image for post
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As a fan, I had a Keyser Soze moment. A “whoa” on the level of your Joey Lawrences or Keanu Reeveses. It all made sense.

Another big takeaway from Ms. Olson’s remarks is that this would have been on the show if not for anti-homosexual broadcast laws in countries Adventure Time. Same sex relationships (at least in America) have now progressed to something that are normal in children’s television. Adventure Time is peculiar, sure, but it’s as popular as children’s programming gets.

That their relationship is canon, and will be revealed in one of the upcoming Adventure Time comic books, is an amazing payoff to longtime readers. A tension between the two has long since existed, but it was unclear and not at all obvious. They seemed to just be frenemies, but now we know better.

That the breakup is some deeply buried issue for both of them, hidden from us only for that emotional gravity. It’s about as good as long-term writing gets, outside of Breaking Bad.

Just one of many reasons I would encourage people to watch Adventure Time, as outside of their usual viewing habits as it is.

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