Why Do I Use the form of Blogging to Present My Project

There are several reasons that I have chosen to use blogging through Medium as the format for my project. First of all, online blogging allows me to embed links, images, and videos, which is essential since I am dealing with a substantial amount of media contents that are other than just texts. For instance, to illustrate my argument on advertising misrepresentation of African American women, I would need some sort of image or video to visually demonstrate the ways in which the problematic ads are being represented to the audience, and how they are designed. In addition, the issues that I have identified are deeply connected to not only the media industry, but also the society. Therefore, since Medium is known as a platform for social journalism, and often used by authors, journalists and social activists to discuss large social issues and events, such as racial discrimination, war on terror, and the upcoming US election. Thus given the professional and serious nature of the platform, I have decided to employ blogging through Medium as my popular media form. Also I am able to tag key words, such as social issues or gender inequality along with articles, which attracts other like-minded audience to read blog. Nevertheless, online blogging in general facilitates the circulation of popular culture, in the sense that audience generated contents contribute to the process of cultural reproduction.

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