Career prospects for a software engineer in Cameroon

What’s important is you have to think in the long term , average salary for a software developer ranges between 50,000 XAF to 150,000 XAF monthly depending on the caliber of the firm you will be working for ,as for me this wasn’t an option and i will tell you why.

Being a software engineer your career prospects are really wide thats why knowing exactly what you want is very important , as for me my choice is to stay in development and one day contribute to Africa start-ups eco system by building an app that will serve millions of Africans on the continent.


Prior to my graduation from the Catholic University Institute of Buea I worked as a freelance developer which earned me quite a few non-technical skills which will serve me later in my business dealings. My earnings ranged from 100,000 XAF — 300,000XAF monthly ,depending on the complexity of the projects i got working on at that time .Now the irony is when I completed my studies and wanted to look for a job probably because at that time, it seems logical and ,I was somehow scared of the unknown and having a stable paycheck felt safer.

My experience as a job seeker was an eye opener to the rigid economic situation of my country. For starters i got called up for all the jobs i applied for and salary range was between 70,000XAF — 150,000XAF. I REJECTED ALL THE OFFERS.

Here are my reasons:

  1. I double the paycheck offered monthly without working as much as required by those companies eg 9am -5pm ,Monday — Friday or Saturday
  2. I didn’t share in some companies vision for example during an interview they showed me a Joomla job listing template and said its the next big thing in Cameroon Please note: Something i found very ridiculous as they were far more better platforms available on the market
  3. I didn’t see how i will grow as a developer when most of them focused on : Basic website ,E-commerce Web Development and Content Management Systems Development .
  4. They somehow will give you their workload as an interview test and by this i mean actually building an app for them or a module for a software they can’t probably do in-house , I found this very irritating ,just because you come posing as a job seeker they assume you have nothing doing and can load off some of their in house job on you.

To be competitive at an international level a software engineer has to educate himself with the latest tools to build the next great application that will impact and improves lives.My choice to be a software engineer was anchored on my love for creativity ,me being unable to work in an environment that will challenge my intellect pushing me to learn and grow everyday as a developer is a No-No for me .

As a result I decided to start my Software Development company Tirla Technologies LTD , From my experience i will say the best career choice for a software engineer in Cameroon is to be An Entrepreneur.