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Is Transformers: The Last Knight the best in the series of films yet? Is the plot too busy? Check out Kidzworld’s movie review.

In Transformers: The Last Knight, inventor Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) who helped save the world in the last film, is now a wanted man hiding in his junkyard with the few Autobots not destroyed by a government hit squad. Will he and his buddy Bumblebee be able to lead the charge when the entire dead planet of Cybertron is about to collide with Earth and will Optimus Prime return to help or hinder humankind?

Optimus Prime is now Nemesis Prime


Over a thousand years ago, King Arthur leads his knights into a battle they will surely lose. Arthur asks magician Merlin to conjure up some help. Merlin’s power actually comes from a long-ago crashed spaceship harboring a Cybertronian Transformer Knight who gave him a magic staff of ultimate power. The Knight also gives Merlin the aid of Transformer Dragonstorm who arrives at the battle winning the day for Arthur and his knights.

Are Yeager and Lennox on the same side?

Enter Izzy, Yeager and Bumblebee

Today, Optimus Prime has left earth to find his maker and Transformers are targets for destruction on Earth. However, more keep arriving. Why? The Transformers Reaction Force dedicates itself to hunting down and destroying Transformers whether Autobot or Decepticon. In an area of war-torn Chicago, a group of kids stumble upon a crashed alien ship with a Transformer Knight inside. A TRF walker finds them but 14-year-old Izabella (Isabela Moner), a war survivor, and her robot pals Sqweeks and Canopy try to help the kids escape however, Canopy is shot down. Cade Yeager and Bumblebee swoop in and rescue the kids. The dying Knight gives Cade an ancient metal talisman.

Izzy and kids run from a walker in wrecked Chicago

Izzy’s buddy Sqweeks

Meanwhile Cybertron Approaches

In the last few days, the Transformers’ now dead home world, Cybertron, has been approaching Earth. Optimus Prime crash-lands on the planet and confronts his creator, a powerful sorceress named Quintessa who mesmerizes Prime to destroy Earth, which she calls Unicron, and Cybertron will live. Lennox (Josh Duhamel), a former N.E.S.T. soldier member who now works under the TRF, has learned about the presence of an ancient alien technology buried on Earth. If Cybertron gets close enough this tech will destroy it but it’s tied to the ancient staff of Merlin. To find it, the TRF makes a reluctant deal with Megatron and his fave Decepticons. Yeager has a talisman that could lead to the staff. Find him!

Megatron confronts Lennox

Junkyard War and a Kidnap

Yeager hides out in his junkyard, which serves as a sanctuary for many of the surviving Autobots. Yeager finds that Izabella, “Izzy” has followed him back. She has no family and wants to stay and fight. When Megatron and his pals arrive, she comes in handy. Most of the Decepticons are killed but Yeager is basically kidnapped by a robot butler named Cogman and, meanwhile, in the U.K., Oxford professor Viviane (Laura Haddock) is grabbed by Autobot Hot Rod. All are brought to the U.K. estate of Sir Edmund Burton (Sir Anthony Hopkins), the last living member of the Witwiccan Order, sworn to protect the history of Transformers on Earth.

Viviane is kidnapped by Burton

Burton’s butler Cogman

Find the Staff and Stop the Machine

To stop an ancient Cybertronic machine from being activated on Earth, Viviane, the last descendant of Merlin, must find his staff. She is the only one who can bring it to life. Yeager was given the talisman as has been chosen as the Last Knight to protect the planet. Viviane’s late dad, an Arthurian scholar and secret Witwiccan should have known where the staff is hidden. She and Yeager delve through his library looking for info.

Viviane and Yeager inside a Transformer submarine

The Quest for the Staff

It is the TRF, Megatron and a couple of Decepticons, Quintessa and the altered Optimus (now called Nemesis) Prime versus Bumblebee, Burton, a few Autobots, Yeager, Viviane and young Izzy. Will the good guys find the staff and destroy Cybertron before it wrecks Earth? Who will live and who will die? What part will Yeager’s talisman play? Will Optimus remain a traitor? Will Lennox stay a “baddie” or defy orders? How many amazing adventures and battles stand in the way? Can the Autobots restore their destroyed world?

Megatron wants his world back

Wrapping Up

Every time a Transformer film comes out, I think they can’t throw in more action and CGI effects. They can. In Transformers: The Last Knight, battle action rarely stops and some is a bit more creative than before and we do get to know some of the Autobots a bit more personally. It’s cool that much-loved Bumblebee is very instrumental in saving the day.

Nemesis Prime vs. Bumblebee

The film’s convoluted, overly-complicated plot goes on too long and is mind-boggling (if you even care to figure it out) but the movie also contains more humor than the last couple of Transformer flicks. Some of the jokes fall flat but a few are funny and charming. Beefy Mark Wahlberg still takes his character seriously and the addition of mega-actor Sir Anthony Hopkins who, with humor and verve, describes the backstory as best he can, is a big plus. Laura Haddock who plays a sexy but super smart descendant of the wizard Merlin, is a good, classy match for Wahlberg’s down to earth country boy.

Burton has Hot Rod kidnap Viviane

Stick around for a few credits because a scene is added in which some scientist types inspect something on Earth and Quintessa, now disguised as a hot human sorceress, arrives and offers help…yeah right. So, I guess Wahlberg may not be onboard for more of these movies but that doesn’t stop the toy-based mega-train.

Izzy cuddles up with some mini Autobots

If you are a huge Transformers fan, you will be onboard with all the action despite a confusing and overwritten plot. We go three stars.

Transformers: The Last Knight Movie Rating:

Transformers: The Last Knight PosterCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Transformers: The Last Knight is in theaters now!

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Optimus Prime and his Autobots team up with new humans to fight an ancient enemy in Transformers: Age of Extinction. Check out Kidzworld’s review.

By: Lynn Barker

Five years after a war between Transformer Autobots and evil Decepticons trashed Chicago, some humans want to get rid of all aliens; good or bad. When an inventor finds a wrecked Optimus Prime and repairs him, will he turn the Transformer leader in or help him save his Autobots and, in turn, the world?

Way Back When and The War

In a way back flashback we see that the dinosaurs on Earth weren’t destroyed by a meteor after all but huge invading spaceships that scorched the planet’s surface. Flash-forward to a rural farmhouse in Texas where struggling robotics inventor Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) and buddy Lucas (T.J. Miller) buy a wrecked semi-truck hoping to sell parts to put Cade’s hot teen daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz) through college.

Autobots in auto formsCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Five years have passed since the final battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons trashed Chicago and killed a ton of humans. The U.S. government has broken its relationship with the Autobots and they are on the run. A sneaky CIA unit called “Cemetery Wind” headed by Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer) wants to kill all surviving Autobots.

A huge Dinobot in actionCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

We Can Make Transformers!

Business tycoon Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci) uses info from destroyed Transformers to create “Transformium” the unstable metal that they are made of. His creation Galvatron, put together from the info in evil Megatron’s head, is big and bad and can lead an army against all comers.

Shane (Jack Reynor) and Tessa (Nicola Peltz) hide in BumblebeeCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Optimus on the Mend

Cade discovers that the truck he bought is really the injured Optimus Prime, and soon, bounty hunters and “Cemetery Wind” operatives arrive hoping to kill Optimus who comes forward to hold off the baddies while Cade, Tessa and Lucas are rescued by Tessa’s hot rally car driver boyfriend Shane (Jack Reynor). After a chase in Paris, Texas, the good guys ditch the baddies and Cade fixes a spy drone he has found to learn that the govt. guys are working with tycoon Joyce.

Cade works on the wrecked Optimus truckCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Rally the Autobots!

Optimus gathers up Autobots Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, and Crosshairs and, with their new human pals, they sneak into Joyce’s HQ in Chicago where they discover that the company is making new Transformers and are holding tiny bot “Brains” captive. Joyce sends Galvatron and Stinger after the humans. Optimus fights Galvatron but he and Tessa are sucked up into an alien ship run by Lockdown, a bot working for the mysterious “Creators” of all Transformers.

Cade with Bumblebee back upCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Get the Seed!

For bringing Optimus in, Attinger’s guys are given “The Seed”, a bomb that can destroy a city. With the help of the Autobots, the humans are rescued but must prevent The Seed from being detonated. Everyone ends up in Hong Kong where Attinger turns “The Seed” over to Joyce. With Cade’s help, Joyce realizes he’s created Transformers he can’t control and sees the light. Together Joyce, Cade, Shane, Tessa and the Autobots run from Galvatron who has taken over and activated Transformer soldiers.

Cade fights for his life in Hong KongCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Galvatron Vs. Optimus

Optimus has freed a group of legendary Transformer knights and leads them against Galvatron and his army. Humans are caught in the crossfire. A huge battle rages including a magnetic weapon that sucks up and drops practically everything in the city. Will The Seed blow up? Will Optimus and the good guys win? Will Cade, Tessa and Shane survive?

Tessa, Cade, Shane and Joyce running with The Seed bombCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Wrapping Up

Okay, straight up. This movie is too darn long! Three hours of even a great thing is too much and Transformers: Age of Extinction isn’t a great thing. It is a popcorn munching, eye-popping, entertaining thing that stretches logic and throws more metal on metal battle action at you than all the World Wars on Earth combined.

Optimus rides a DinobotCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

If you just love to see Transformers do their thing, you won’t be disappointed; flying ones, truck ones, sports car ones, dinosaur ones are all at each other’s shiny throats almost throughout the film. An effort to keep the humans involved by throwing in family tension between Mark Wahlberg’s overly-protective daddy character, his daughter and her hot boyfriend is stretched to the limit and beyond.

The film does look awesome and adds some great fight choreography on the buildings of Hong Kong. Also, some of the efforts at comedy work, although we could use more. Stanley Tucci’s industrialist character morphs so easily from evil to good that the change is laughable but, it does provide more laughs during the last 1/3rd of the long film. There is just something about Shia LaBeouf’s cocky yet unsure Sam Witwicky character, his nutso parents and his warm and fuzzy relationship with Autobot Bumblebee that I miss.

Good guy Transformers and human pals assembleCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

With focus all over the place in the film, it is hard to really get into caring enough about a small group of bots and their human pals. You feel like the movie was made just to sell you more cool new action figures. However, if you are a huge Transformers fan and can stick your fanny in a movie theater seat for three hours, you might enjoy. We go three stars.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Movie Rating:

Transformers: The Last Knight Poster
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