Top Ways To Use a Driftwood Side Table At Home

Henry Walker
Mar 30, 2018 · 3 min read
Driftwood Side Table

Driftwood Side table are excellent things. They always think that they support a larger asking price in comparison with should for this kind of small furniture, however, they are usually necessary for comfort in a living area.

One place to give a drink or magazine place is great, but take a look at some of these other creative ways so that they find time to use it new.

There are Top 9 Ways to Use a Driftwood Side Table at Home

1. Stacked As Shelving: You need to use every one of the same styles (IKEA Lack comes to mind) or You can use different styles and they can pile up like a totem poles. They are often less costly and more robust than full bookcases.

2. Add Power: Mount an electric bar to the foot of a driftwood side table and drill a couple of holes at the rear of a drawer and you have an immediate charging station without adding another little bit of tech to your property. Use zip ties to maintain things in position and you’re all ready!

3. Hide A Cat Crate: Homeowners will almost always be hunting for a method to disguise their pet crates and under a driftwood side table is a great place to make it happen (particularly if the table is relating to the wall plus your sofa). It’s added security for your dog and helps to hide a giant metal cube inside your family room.

4. Small Appliance Stand: In kitchens where space is sparse, full workstations may be tricky to find and adding a full island can clutter things up. A driftwood side table (even if it’s nearby in another room) might be much-needed space to place a toaster oven or perhaps coffeemaker.

5. Pushed Together: Scooted together several tables the exact same height aren’t a negative spot to put a few pillows and refer to it a bench. It isn’t really ideal and it will be off-putting in case you aren’t fans of looking at furniture that isn’t usually sat on, nonetheless they make a lovely bench in a pinch.

6. Cut The Legs: Cutting the feet down halfway gives you a full height for a basil. If you’re searching for something upholstered, just attach some foam to a board and set it at the top. It is possible to pile up completely the feet for feet (anyone should be) Together and make a jewelry chest or seed storage chest … well, whatever happens in small places!

7. As Night Stands: Of course this one probably isn’t a new one for many, there could be people that haven’t considered the option for with these using this method.

8. Outdoor Plant Stands: Have a go at including some sealer your wooden pieces and put various wheels with the base. They will provide you solid 5 years (not more in non-winter areas) in seasonal weather and even provide a destination for storing many small appliances for petting!

9. Under Desk Storage: In the home office area, it would appear that individuals are finding themselves with a lot less room. A driftwood side table tucked under a desk produces an excellent place to stash a printer or scanner without taking up extra desktop space. If you are concerned with cords to visit a pc parts store and pick-up longer ones and then add wheels to the bottom of the table — that slides out at any given time!

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