That’s not even kinda true.

For sure Mate. He’s been GM for only two years, way too little time, it’s not fair IMO. I don’t remember Phil disrespecting Melo, he only says he should be somewhere else too many times, that’s not disrespect to me that’s just the truth. But Phil is the one who gave him a no-trade clause… With KP it’s not just the exit meeting, i aunderstand if people don’t think it’s a big deal, to me it is because he’s still young, it was so public he knew what he was doing. It’s also the cutting off communication with Phil and Knicks mgmt, again very public. To be that young and already pulling off diva moves like that, I have no respect for that. Phil should still be GM because he’s still under contract for while longer, he can draft well and he made some good moves (DRose, Courtney Lee) But he’s made really bad moves (Melo and Noah).

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