It’s been 3 years actually.

Oh wow, my bad. It felt like 2 years. With Melo, he was bidding against himself, so he went out of his way to give him more money, years and power I mean you can’t ask for anything else he gave Melo all the advantages smh, 5 years/125 mil…it literally was Phil being too generous. I don’t understand what shots he’s been taking on any of his players up to the end only great things to say about both Melo and KP.

DRose was great move because Knicks didn’t give up anything to get him, it was a risk that was worth it. It’s only been one year. C. Lee I really like but understand your point mate lol. It’s not as easy as you think drafting great players, even in the top 10. Everyone is at fault here, no one is innocent but the problem is not as big as everyone makes it out to be, KP just made it nuclear and Phil got killed for it which I don’t think it’s fair is all.

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