The “haven’t made the playoffs since 2004” Timberwolves?
Terrence Drinkwater

The point I was trying to make with the Wolves were that they were way better than 31 win season, Knicks had same record, Knicks were not the worst team in NBA. Phil was not bullying Melo, he was asked about Melo and was straight forward, holds ball to long, has no will to win, is better off somewhere else. That is all true, who can honestly say any of that is false, none of that is disrespectful, rude or bullying to me but I understand people are more sensitive these days. It was dumb to make it public but media blew it way out of proportion. Still Phil has said he was a great and hall of fame player. I have stated many times, not a good GM, A lot of the decisions were really bad, don’t support him even though I defend him, he should not have been killed for this though, everyone is at fault.

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