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With all breakups, it takes two. KP deserves some criticism too for how he has behaved being that he still a very young player and he is already pulling prima donna moves. I don’t think he’s a good GM but Phil throughout this whole crisis with Melo and Porzingis has been consistent. He’s never been diplomatic or politically correct, he’s been too straightforward but what I don’t see is Phil being as harsh or unreasonable as people has accused him of, he never talked bad or bashed any of them he told the truth that all NBA fans with common sense knew with Carmelo, that he’s better off somewhere else but he still thinks highly of him and called him a hall of fame player. Phil stated he knows KP is a unicorn, special player and working hard but if he doesn’t want to be there why keep going or pretend watch the interview with your own eyes don’t depend on small soundbites by the bias media. Like I said with all breakups, it takes two.

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