5 Tools to check your websites health

A question I get a lot as a webdesigner is ‘Is my website good?’

This question is so general that for me it sounds like ‘Do I have a good car’ or ‘What should I wear?’ Off course the answer depends on your needs.

But lets assume a good website is easy to find with Google and visiting it is pleasant experience. These 5 tools will give you an idea of your website overall status:


The W3C validator checks if your source code is well written. A well written website makes it easy for Google to index your pages and your website will probably be displayed correct on browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Also older browser versions will show your website well.


This is a test to check if your website will be displayed correctly in every operating system and webbrowser available. There is a 30 minute free trial, which should be enough to do various tests.


Speed is important. Visitors are more likely to buy products if the website is fast. Even if you don’t sell products, visitors are more likely to fill in a form, send an e-mail or use any other call-to-action on the website. Make sure your website has at least B scores.


This a SEO tool to get a general idea how well your website is made to get top results in Google.

There are a lot of other tools to benchmark your website. But rather than asking people if your website is ‘good’, use these tools for a more factual answer.

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