Exercises that Help Improve Male Infertility

Did you know that a man who lifts weights or spends time working outdoors tends to have higher than average sperm concentration in their semen? This was proven by a study conducted by the students of Harvard School of Public Health, said an article published in Health Day News. It stated that men who exercise for at seven hours a week, or for an hour a day, had up to 48 per cent higher concentration of sperm than those who did not. While optimal exercise leads to increased testosterone, working outdoors results in exposure to sun, thereby increased levels of Vitamin D; both of which are important ingredients to fight male infertility. However, not all kinds of exercises were found to be beneficial in this regard. The study showed that a man who cycled every day had lower concentration of sperm, presumably because close contact with the seat and tight clothing increased the temperature of his testicles, thereby adversely effecting his sperm count.

Work-Outs that Increase Sperm Count

Cardiovascular Exercises: Moderate intensity cardio exercises up to three times a week can help alleviate cases of male infertility. However it is important to keep in mind that the heart rate should be 65 to 75 percent below maximum, that there should be adequate rest periods between work outs and that the clothes worn should be loose fitting and comfortable.

Strengthening Exercises: Resistance training not only helps to make a man stronger with lean body mass, it also helps to increase sperm count. It is conjectured that this may be because it helps to boost testosterone levels. However, high intensity exercises for longer than 45 minutes without a break can cause testosterone levels to deplete again. It is also recommended that a man takes two days of rest between strength training sessions in order to optimize muscle repair and increase effectiveness.

Yoga: This is the best way to reduce stress, both mental and physical. Physically, it relieves muscle tension in hips, back and the groin, resulting in better blood circulation which is essentially a natural cure to male infertility. Some yoga asanas that particularly help to improve sperm count are — the Agnisaar Kriya, the Halasana, the Dhanurasana, the Sethubandhasana, the Ashwini Mudra and the Bhastrika Pranayam.

When utilizing exercises to boost male fertility it essential to keep in mind that it must be done in moderation. It is best to alternate strength training, cardiovascular and yoga through a work-out regimen that is balanced. Add to this a healthy diet and you are bound to be fit and fertile.