Trigger Warning: This contains sensitive topics such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide.

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I have been thinking for a while about whether or not I should write this. I debated whether I should just talk about the good things and condense my struggles into “a few late nights doing assignments and a few bad marks on assignments.” After much internal discourse, I decided that there is power in vulnerability as Brené Brown says and I wrote this even though it was hard to do. This story isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. …

Are you an absolute beginner when it comes to coding and haven’t actually explored it. Don’t know what an if statement is? Sometimes forget how to turn on your computer?

Well, you’ve come to right place. This is a tutorial for absolute beginners. It’s meant to be a nice fun introduction to coding and there is absolutely no prior experience required.

Alright, there’s no use lolly gagging let’s get started!

In this tutorial, you are going to be introduced to a language called JavaScript. …

The earliest airbags that graced the automobiles of the American auto-industry ended up contradicting their purpose of saving lives when they wound up killing many women and children. The reason? The all-male teams of engineers that worked on the devices had failed to account for the smaller frames of over half of the population.

It’s apparent that problems can easily arise when something needs to be developed for an entire population, but only a small segment of that population is put in charge of addressing that issue.

Despite the fact that most university graduates are women, the tech industry is still a primary white and asian male field. In the 1980’s, it was estimated that women accounted for 37% of computer science. Since then the number has not gone up, in fact, it has dropped to 18%. Outside of universities, 26% of the computing industry is occupied by women and as you climb the corporate ladder, that number drops to 5%. …

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